Flowers, Families, and Friendships Endowment Fund

Flowers, Families, and Friendships Endowment Fund

You have seen the beautiful Flowers...

You have experienced wonderful Families gathering together...

You have rekindled old, and found new, Friendships...

All because you helped "Plant the Seeds of Awareness" at Buff's Garden

As 2016 came to a close so did the final order of engraved brick pavers. From 1998 'til now The Buff Foundation has installed over 3,000 of the most personal & memorable messages that honor or remember your loved ones.

Members of the community have expressed interest in having other places at the Ocean Front where they could install memorial bricks. We suggest you contact the City of Virginia Beach to pursue that idea.

Although Buff's Garden resides on public property, it has been and will continue to be maintained exclusively by the Foundation and its volunteers. We treasure your donation for it means we may continue to provide a beautiful place to pay tribute to those we love. The Buff Foundation takes pride in this worthy cause & hope everyone will continue to visit and support Buff's Garden on a regular basis. You have become our friends & friends become flowers in the garden of life. The Board of Directors wishes everyone a happy, healthy new year & we thank you so very much for supporting this special spot by the sea.